Summit has announced that J.C. Chandor‘s Deepwater Horizon, which begins filming in March, will open wide on 9.30.16. I just talked to Chandor about this last Saturday night inside Avery Fisher Hall, just before the start of Inherent Vice. Mark Wahlberg has the lead role, but there’s an older actor (a fellow whose middle name used to be “paycheck” before I swore off using that moniker) who might also climb aboard. It’s not about capping the underwater oil spill after the 2010 explosion but the lead-up — the various warnings of trouble and those who knew something would probably happen vs. those who didn’t want to know. Chandor in the director’s chair means this will be a thinking man’s disaster film. Lorenzo di Bonaventura is producing. The script is by Matthew Sand and Matthew Carnahan. My ex-wife worked on a Gulf of Mexico oil rig.