Donald Trump, after one relatively mild response to the Harvey Weinstein story, has more or less ignored it, and the reason why is obvious. It raises the spectre of his own egregious misbehavior: the Access Hollywood tape, the rank misogyny of his attacks on Megyn Kelly, and the on-the-record allegations of harassment by multiple women — all of which, when it first occurred, a lot of people were sure was going to cost Trump the election.

“It should be shocking, even in hindsight, that it didn’t, yet as we all know, the definition of the Trump era is that yesterday’s shock value is today’s shrug, and the more the cycle of shock/adjustment/new normal takes place, the more it leaves the public — I almost said the audience — numb.” — from Owen Gleiberman‘s “Are Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump the Same Person?,” a 10.18 Variety essay.

Jett is visiting Los Angeles for three or four days. Last night we sat down at an Indian place on Montana. We spoke at one point about how quickly the Las Vegas massacre has already evaporated. Blood, horror, carnage, brain matter, dead tissue…the ultimate expression of U.S. gun insanity, and it’s already gone away. Yesterday’s shock is today’s “hey, remember that awful thing that everyone was so upset about…?”