Naturally I never considered seeing Shrek Forever After, tonight’s opener for the Tribeca Film Festival. But the festival does start tomorrow in earnest, and will continue until May 2nd. I’ve already seen The Trotsky (nope), Get Low (yup), that reasonably decent Rush documentary that I despised and the admirable Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. I realize that I’m obliged to see Clio Barnard‘s The Arbor and Brilliante Mendoza‘s Lola, only I’d rather not on some level. I really don’t have a choice in the matter. I understand that.

I’m otherwise down for The Two Escobars, Alex Gibney‘s My Trip to Al-Qeada and Untitled Eliot Spitzer Film, Bjorn Richie Lob‘s Keep Surfing, James Franco‘s Saturday Night Live doc, Jean-Pierre Jeunet‘s Micmacs (finally), that Serge Gainsbourg biopic, Jorge NavasBlood and Rain and…whatever, I’m still poking through the book.