The N.Y. Times has posted an amusing, very clever little video piece about how David Carr has handed the Carpetbagger reins to Melena Ryzik. Refresh Content’s Nick Dawson graciously sent the embed code along [which I had to remove due to an automatic launch function], and yet the fact remains that somebody in the Times pipeline is refusing to make the code easily available.

It would be one thing if the piece was easily findable on YouTube, but it’s not…if it’s there at all. I’d prefer to grab a YouTube code because the one Dawson sent me automatically launches the video whenever a reader refreshes the HE page.

I called the Times a few times and left messages…nothing. An embed code is not going to re-direct traffic to someone else’s site, and yet the Times — increasingly isolated in its mule-like refusal to roll with the 21st Century swing of things — refuses to let dumb guys like me (i.e., who can’t figure how to capture the code inside the guts of the Times website) access their codes and post their videos.

Can someone from the Times at least send me a code that won’t automatically launch the video?