Intriguing Guardian piece by Paul Hoggart about a new Nick Broomfield doc called His Big White Self, about Eugene Terre Blanche, the “hippo-shaped, rhino-tempered” leader of South Africa’s extreme racist Afrikaner Resistance Front. It’s being aired 2.27 on British TV along with a retrospective of Broomfield’s past docs (Biggie and Tupac, Kurt and Courtney, etc.) Hoggart mentions that`Broomfield is “busy editing his first original drama, based on the death of Chinese cockle-pickers in Morecambe Bay, which is due to screen later this year.” This naturally raises the question, “Whatever happened to Indecent Exposure?” Two or three years ago Broomfield was developing and trying (with the assistance of producer Edward R. Pressman) to direct a feature about the tumultuous life and tragic death of Hollywood producer David Begelman, based on the David McClintick book. I read the script — it was 85% “there” and just needed a little psychological background material. It had a reading at New York’s Public Theatre by a group of respected actors (including James Gandolfini) and then…nothing.