“It doesn’t matter how many Oscar winners are in front of or behind the camera — audiences are proving to be conscientious objectors when it comes to this fall’s surge of antiwar and anti-Bush films.” Good God, another article saying the same thing? Fines should be levied upon journalists and editors who run trend stories two or three weeks after everyone else has gone, “Okay, I’ve had enough, what else can you show me?”

The offender in this instance is Washington Times reporter Christian Toto, whose article about this topic went up today.

Aft least it has a stab at dry humor. Dan Vancini, movies editor with Amazon.com, tells Toto that Robert Redford‘s Lions for Lambs could fare well thanks to its starry cast. “They have a word-of-mouth following,” he says, refering to costar Tom Cruise.” Box Office Mojo‘s Brandon Gray says Lambs “will be an interesting test. Is it simply them sitting in rooms giving speeches? That’s what it looks like.”