Fox Home Entertainment’s Steve Feldstein told N.Y. Post critic/blogger Lou Lumenick that “logistical issues” have forced the cancellation of next Monday’s New York Film Festival showing of a restored version of John Ford‘s The Iron Horse (1924). Six days before the showing? The film was scheduled to play at the Venice Film Festival, and this did apparently happen. I called or left messages for FHE publicity, Fox restoration chief Schawn Belston, a Film Society of Lincoln Center publicity rep and two or three restoration specialists for a fuller explanation, and you know the rest.

9.25 Update: Lumenick wrote in hs N.Y. Post blog his morning that he’s “getting the distinct impression” that the reason for the screening’s cancellation “involve[s] the live orchestral accompaniment for Ford’s 1924 silent film, not an easy thing to coordinate.” Lincoln Center Film Society p.r.rep Jeanne Berney still hadn’t gotten back as of 8:30 this morning (11:30 NYC time).