Rudy Giuliani obviously wouldn’t have spilled the beans to Sean Hannity earlier today if he hadn’t previously convinced President Trump that it was better to admit he’s been lying all along about not knowing jack about Michael Cohen‘s payment of $130K in hush money to Stormy Daniels, etc. Better to come clean than Trump and Cohen continuing to stand by an obviously false account (i.e., “Who, us?”).

A startling turnabout in a way, but at the same time who’s even a bit surprised? Trump is a bullshitter, plain and simple — a stone sociopath.

From Michael Shear’s N.Y. Times story, posted a little while ago: “President Trump reimbursed Michael D. Cohen, his longtime personal lawyer, for the $130,000 payment that Mr. Cohen has said he made to keep a pornographic film actress from going public just before the 2016 election with her story about an affair with Mr. Trump, according to Rudolph W. Giuliani, one of the president’s lawyers.

“That statement, which Mr. Giuliani made Wednesday night on Fox News, appeared to contradict the president, who has at times said that he was not aware of the payment to the actress, Stephanie Clifford, and did not know how his lawyer had gotten the money to pay her. It also contradicts what Mr. Cohen has been saying for months — that he used his own money to pay Ms. Clifford to keep quiet.”

Howard Fineman tweet: “Now I see what #RudyGiuliani’s job is: to concede tactically useful truths that contradict previous brazen #Trump lies. By denying that he’d been the source #StormyDaniels hush money, DT’d thrown #MichaelCohen under the bus. Cohen was no doubt threatening to flip to save himself.”