During a brief interview on Kermode & Mayo’s Take, Till star Danielle Deadwyler said she agreed with Chinonye Chukwu, her director, that Till was shafted by the Academy due to “unabashed misogyny towards Black women.”

She also blamed the lack of nominations on “people who perhaps chose not to see the film. We’re talking about misogynoir. It comes in all kinds of ways. Whether it’s direct or indirect, it impacts who we are.”

Deadwyler: “The question is more intent on people who are living in whiteness, white people’s assessment of what the spaces they are privileged by are doing.”

Do actresses like Deadwyler and directors like Chukwu and Gina Prince-Blythwood have anything in their quiver besides guilt-tripping over white oblviousness?

Friendo Who’s Had It Up To Here With All This Sore Loser Stuff: “I’m so sick of this shit and so is everyone else. The problem is the media — all these woke cheerleaders. They have seriously damaged the discourse.”

HE to FWHIUTHWATSLS: “Of course, without a doubt…Deadwyler and her supporters firmly believe that Andrea Riseborough did it. But I have to admit that ‘misogynoir’ is a catchy-sounding term.”

FWHIUTHWATSLS: “The truth the media won’t say is [that] Deadwyler wasn’t THAT good in the movie. She was good, but the limitations of the movie didn’t allow her to be great.

HE to FWHIUTHWATSLS: “Her big Mamie Till scene was the emotional meltdown moment when she shudders and faints and rolls her eyes upward into her forehead.”

FWHIUTHWATSLS: “She was fine, but I found something a tad studied about her emotionalism. The whole movie was too studied. It was okay, but in a way it blew a great subject.”