My mind is blown by The King’s Speech having won the Producers Guild of America Best Picture of 2010 award. What happened to The Social Network? I don’t have an explanation, but I suspect it was due to some kind of involuntary generational reflex or voting spasm. It makes no real aesthetic sense but they did it anyway. Here are a couple of guesses why.

One, the PGA voters skew older and defaulted to the old emotional-tear-ducts-mean-best-picture equation that people like Nicole Sperling have been talking about. Or two, the PGA voters decided to enliven the Best Picture race for perverse reasons — i.e., because they were bored with “The Social Network has it in the bag” scenario, and because they could.

The PGA has definitely shaken things up, that’s for sure. It’s a revolt, is what it is. It’s the old getting onto the young and saying “no…no! Our most highly honored film can’t be about kids talking about computer codes….no! We need that old-time 1993 emotion!” That or it’s some kind of freak vote, like something got into the L.A. water system. All I know is that it’s starting to look like a real horse race again, and that’s fine from an Oscar-covering perspective. But if The King’s Speech wins in the end, it’ll be Shakespeare in Love-defeats-Saving Private Ryan all over again.

I also think it’s safe to assume that EW‘s Dave Karger was popping the champagne tonight. And well he should have. Tonight’s vote was a triumph of Kargerism, which is to say a fulfillment of what Karger and other King’s Speech allies (Poland, Thompson, Howell, etc.) have been saying all along.