Is this definite? Peter Jackson has told Empire magazine that King Kong’s snaggle tooth hasn’t been eliminated but reduced in size. (Recent reports/indications had suggested the dreaded s.t. had been eliminated altogether…not!) And that the basic look of Kong is that of a big grandpa ape with craggy features and silver hairs sprouting all over…the apparent equivalent of a 65 or 70 year-old. In other words, given Kong’s libidinal longings for Naomi Watts’ Ann Darrow, Jackson basically sees him as a dirty old ape. Other Empire divulgings: (a) As of last Thursday, Jackson was putting finishing touches on the editing, sound mix and music; (b) The three-hour length is due to an emphasis on “character, especially the relationship between Ann and Kong on the island” (80 extra minutes of character?); (c) Jackson has always regarded Kong as “a wild animal [and] not a friendly gorilla,” wanting to avoid any kind of cutesy-poo Mighty Joe Young-type moves that might soften or humanize the beast; (d) Jackson changed Kong after the teaser trailer came out, “making him older and craggier, reducing his snaggle tooth in size and making his face narrower”; (e) One of the most difficult scenes was the Kong vs. three T-Rex’s scene “which ended up about 300 shots long, or about nine minutes…it has taken us the entire duration of the project to do…the fight sequence ended up very elaborate, involving Kong and the dinosaurs swinging like a pendulum over the chasm, entangled in these vines, and Ann is also entangled and Kong is trying to protect her…it all ends up in a swamp”; (f)
the final Empire State Building sequence was also difficult “psy- chologically because it is such an iconic sequence”; (g) replacing Howard Shore was “a horrible thing” but the composter simply “didn’t click”; and (g) Jackson’s team “built a complete 1930s version of New York City, using aerial photos and archive material, in order to have as much freedom to move around as possible.”