There’s something oddly trustworthy about B. Fatt & Lazy’s film reviews. They’re obviously averse to James Agee-, Karina Longworth- or LexG-level discourse, but at least they’re straight about who and what they are, and the grown-up Beevis & Butthead realm they live in.

For what it’s worth and take it with a grain, but B. Fatt has expressed surprise in an early Friends with Benefits review “how funny it turned out to be.

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are both really funny” — hey, he said “funny” twice in subsequent sentences! — “and play off each other easily. Woody Harrelson is hilarious as an aggressive gay sports editor. Patricia Clarkson is great as Kunis’ hypersexual gypsy mother. Even the cameos by Emma Stone, Andy Samberg and especially Shaun White playing himself are inspired.

Plus, he says, the film understands and accepts the eff-buddy concept.

“Timberlake and Kunis get it the fuck on over and over again. Hair-pulling, sheet-ruining, swinging-from the chandelier, acrobatic, dirty sex. For pretty much the whole movie. It’s a great premise for a film.”

Something tells me there might be values and aesthetics contained in Friends With Benefits that these guys aren’t perceiving or discussing. But maybe not.