There was a sobering discussion about Hillary Clinton‘s credibility gap during a Morning Joe segment yesterday morning. Transcripts are copied from Shaun King‘s 5.27 N.Y. Daily News column, titled “Hillary Clinton should quit presidential race as email scandal engulfs her campaign“:

2:43 — Mika Brzezinski to Andrea Mitchell: “The first interview we showed was the one you did with her and she says time and time and time and time and time and time again it was allowed. Was it allowed?” Andrea answers: “It was not allowed to not return those records before she left the State Department. She violated the Official Records Act, according to her own State Department IG (Investigator General) appointed by President Obama.”

Mitchell (cont’d): “What you have shown just now, Mika, completely undercuts the argument she has been making for more than a year, just as she trying to persuade voters that she is not untrustworthy. I think the most surprising, and in some ways shocking thing, is their reaction, claiming that this is the same as what former secretaries did.”

4:11 – Mitchell — “There are so many flaws in their argument. The politics, we’ll have to see how that plays out, but I don’t see how this is anything but devastating, given the fact that they have been making a completely different argument now, for more than a year.”

5:28 – Joshua Green of Bloomberg Businessweek — “If you were to remove Donald Trump from the equation right now, this is the story that would be roiling the 2016 Presidential election.”

5:40 – Chuck Todd — “The only reason why I think there isn’t panic on the Democratic side is because of Trump.”

6:25 – Mika Brzezinski — “I really don’t want to be the one delivering this, but, I gotta tell ya, this is really hard to believe. It feels like she is lying, straight out.”

6:50 – Mika Brzezinski to Andrea Mitchell, “Andrea Mitchell, is she lying?” Andrea responds, after an awkward pause: “I can’t say that. Uhm, I would let the viewer, let the voter, make those determinations, but it doesn’t hold up. There are so many inconsistencies, including their response yesterday, and, as Chuck said, it was jaw dropping.”

9:00 Chuck Todd — “I have always looked at this, it’s sort of, what is the Occam’s Razor, what is the most logical sort of explanation, and the most logical explanation is she wanted to make it harder for the press and Congress to see her correspondence.”