It needs to be clearly understood as far in advance as possible that The Legend of Zorro, the Antonio Banderas-Catherine Zeta-Jones movie called coming out on 10.18, should not expect and won’t in fact get any support from this corner. Pay no attention to that earnestly-reported here-comes-Zorro piece by Lewis Beale that ran in the L.A. Times Calendar section on 6.28. The original Martin Campbell Zorro movie was self-consciously flamboyant crap and a creative embarassment all around, and it gave rise to the money-grubbing, T-Mobile-hawking career of Catherine Zeta Jones, certainly one of the biggest capitalist-pig actresses of our time. One look at her face and all you can see are dollar signs…I want this, I’m going to marry him, you can’t have photos of my this or that aspect of my private life unless you sign here, etc. I guess it’s okay to read the Isabel Allende Zorro book , but let’s leave it at that.