It wasn’t just members of the AMPAS Directors Branch who blew off Barbie or didn’t feel super-enthused about Greta Gerwig‘s direction. Hillary Clinton has publicly sympathized with Gerwig and Margot Robbie over the snub, but if Barack Obama had done the same he would have looked like a hypocrite.

HE: “I think it was Barbie‘s misandry. That was probably a motivator or at least a factor in the Gerwig blowoff.”

Friendo: “What straight male would enthusiasiically vote for Barbie? Just because the Oscar game is overrun by gay men doesn’t mean the Academy membership is gay. Most of the [male members] aren’t. So why would they actively vote for the pink plastic doll movie, even with the good things about it? And yes, the misandry is a significant reason also. For men it’s off-putting. I don’t know many straight men who’ve said ‘I loved Barbie‘. They respect the success and the cultural impact it had last summer. I know condescending feminist men like [director’s name] who would pay lip service. But do they really like the movie?”

HE: “I loved the energy of so many people playing pink dress-up in theatre lobbies. The cultural explosion. That was cool.”

Friendo: “I don’t think Barbie is bad. I’m just presuming that straight men would find it unserious. There is no way [major director] likes that movie. Imagine the Coen brothers voting for it.”

HE: “I still respect what she did. It was a visionary film. Not my vision but hers, and it stuck to the wall.

Friendo: “She should have been nominated but I also think Alexander Payne should have been nominated and he wasn’t. And Justine Triet? No thanks.”


Im sorry i really disliked it

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