It’s a Chronicles of Narnia weekend, all right. Families, church groups and the religious right poured coin into the Disney coffers to the tune of $22.7 million yesterday, and projections are that The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe will take in $75 to $80 million for the weekend…maybe a tad higher. Brokeback Mountain, platforming in just five theatres, did $133,000 per situation for a total of $691 thousand… upscale moviegoers and urban gays coming out in droves. Memoirs of a Geisha earned $99 thousand and change in eight theatres yesterday and is projected to take in $793,000 for the weekend. Mrs. Henderson Presents will take in about $48,000 in six thea- tres for the weekend. The World’s Fastest Indian opened in two theatres and did $2,000 a print.