It’s funny how this always seems to play out, but there’s always been a regional/geographical tendency when it comes to print and online journos reporting stories about Hollywood. London journos are the toughest (the tabs can be merciless and sometimes insane, but London’s serious critics, essayists and documentary filmmakers have frequently been the most candid and piercing and on-target). New York journos are almost as tough and lacerating as the Londoners but somewhat less so because their editors sometimes “play the game,” meaning there’s a now-and-then, depending-on-the-shot tendency to sand down the edges and perhaps be a tad more circumspect. And L.A. journos are, for the most part, the “friendliest” — i.e., frequently the ones with the best information, but also the ones most likely to report their information and opinions in let’s-not-be-overly-harsh terms because they’re right in the middle of the political thicket and want to keep their industry relationships at par. In other words, the determining factors in terms of getting information and reporting it thoroughly are proximity, politics and personal relationships.