It’s kinda too bad Jack Black and Stanley Kubrick will never work together. Something in this Nacho Libre clip tells me Stanley K. would have made an effort to know Black and possibly cast him in something. The rolling-eyebrow thing aside, Black’s clear lack of interest in trying to be even half-funny in this clip, or even somewhat energetic, spells, to me, the mood of a fuck-you genius. (I realize that “genius” is a bad word…it’s a Larry King word …but I know it when I see it….”genius” is fuck you, leave me alone, I don’t give a shit…genius is always feeling bothered and unsettled about something.) Kubrick would have seen this, I think, because he knew and worked with a guy known for deranged genius moves in Lolita and Dr. Strangelove . (I should have had this and other postings up yesterday but I was at the damn passport office for six friggin’ hours .)