It’s official: the Hollywood Film Festival has labelled itself as the shallowest and whoriest film festival on the face of the planet. The festival’s “Board of Advisors” managed this in one fell swoop by announcing that George Lucas’s Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith is the winner of this year’s “Hollywood Movie of the Year” award. Lucas, an over-praised hog-at-the-trough if there ever was one, will be given the award at the Hollywood Awards Gala Ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on 10.24. The Lucas announcement was made by Carlos de Abreu, the festival’s founder, exec director and reigning oral-love-bequeather. “Mr. Lucas is a creative genius, a visionary at its best,” de Abreu said. The award was chosen by “more than 70,000″ online voters at Yahoo Movies ( and Entertainment Tonight (” The festival fathers should have obviously ignored the results once the winner was known, etc. American ticket-buyers have to be led, guided, pushed…saved from themselves! The other nominees for this year’s award were Batman Begins (fine), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (get outta here), Cinderella Man, The Constant Gardener, Crash, Hustle and Flow, War of the Worlds, Wedding Crashers (all cool), Sin City (forget it)…and yet Sith received nearly one-third of the votes cast. What kind of morons…?