It’s strange that an eagle-eyed New York Times writer like Caryn James would write a piece about how it’s totally common these days for journalists to be depicted as slimeballs in movies these days (Cronicas, Paparazzi, Cinderella Man). And note that the last time journalists were shown as heroic or even respectable was nearly 30 years ago in All The President’s Men. And yet fail to mention that a fairly major film called Good Night. And, Good Luck (Warner Bros.), due in November, will tell a stirring story of a very noble and moralistic journalist by the name of Edward R. Murrow (David Straitharn). And in so doing observe that this film will probably underline or reiterate by example the blemished reputation that today’s journalists are grappling with. How could James and her editors not take note of this? It obviously would have fit right into her story.