Adam Driver‘s Kylo Ren knows exactly who he is and what he intends to do. But the good guys aren’t so sure. They got nothin’, ma, to live up to…but then it gradually comes to them. Clarity, purpose. At the very beginning an older woman’s voice says “who are you?,” and Daisy Ridley‘s Rey says “Ahmahwan.” For a moment there I was hearing Johnny Rivers sing “Ahmahwan, ahmahwan…the one they call the Seventh Son.” At least I understand Ridley at the end when she says, “The force is callin’ to you…just let it in.” And of course I got the middle line when she asks Harrison Ford‘s Han Solo about “those stories about what happened” and he says “it’s true…all of it.” John Boyega‘s Finn looks like an amateur rugby player who works in sanitation to pay the rent. Oscar Isaac‘s Poe Dameron seems smooth, resolute…what’s he yelling about? Have they aged Carrie Fisher? She looks like Grandma Moses.