I’ve heard a little something about Mike Nichols’ Closer (Columbia, 12.3), an eagerly awaited adaptation of Patrick Marber’s wonderfully written play about four romantically-linked Londoners in their 30s (Jude Law, Julia Roberts, Nathalie Portman, Cilve Owen). I personally can’t wait to see the Nichols film (Marber’s play reads like pure silk and seems to drill right into the heart of why lovers put each other through such hell), but it’s been seen and plays “a little cold.” I’ve also been told “it was supposed to be shown earlier but they’ve been tweaking it and tweaking it some more.” I didn’t want to hear this. “But the play is fantastic,” I said to the guy who passed this tidbit along. If you really liked the play, he answered, then you’re probably going to like the film.