I’ve kvetched about this before, but it can’t be repeated too often: when you see a film at your local theatre, you’re probably seeing an image that is 1/3 less bright that what the filmmakers have intended. SMTP projection standards call for 12 “foot lamberts” (i.e., units for measuring light) to be used in showing films. But a post-production expert tells me that a friend with one of the big chains (okay, AMC) has confided that the projector lamps in all of their theatres are adjusted to project only 8 foot lamberts. The reason is that it purportedly saves money, since projection lamps are thought to last longer when they’re not giving off as much light. This is said to be untrue, as Roger Ebert has allegedly pointed out in a column. (I haven’t found the link.) It’s an industry myth….but try telling the AMC guys that.