I’ve seen a demo of Sony’s Blu-ray high-definition DVD process, and I’ve asked two or three people about the differences between it and Toshiba’s HD-DVD system, and it comes down to this — Blu-ray is a more expensive process but it’s more high-end…more digitally au courant and forward-looking…and HD-DVD, which I haven’t seen, is more of a backward-designed system but it’s cheaper to work with. There are one or two other twists and wrinkles, but that’s what it basically comes down to, trust me. And you won’t find any trade reports anywhere that just say that. The latest development in the DVD high-def techno-clash is that Paramount Home Entertainment has decided to support both the Blu-ray and the HD-DVD system. Scott Hettrick’s Variety report says that “several execs in each camp believe the Paramount announce- ment to publish in both formats, which is the direction Warner has been leaning for the past week or two (with a similar announcement expected this week), is simply a temporary face-saving strategy and that ultimately all studios will shift completely over to Blu-ray by launch time [in the spring of ’06].”