James Cameron has been futzing around with this and that project and not really doing anything feature-wise for so long (what’s it been, seven and a half years since Titanic came out?) that you really can’t pay attention to stories about his latest movie-to-be…I mean, this stuff is just in one ear & out the other. Hollywood Reporter columnist Anne Thompson and reporter Sheigh Crabtree have written that Cameron’s next film will not be Battle Angel, a pic based on Yukito Kishiro’s Japanese graphic novels about a “nymphette” who morphs into an action heroine, but another film called Project 880. No one at Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment is saying anything about what Project 880 is…and I’m not sure anyone cares. Cameron has stayed behind-the-scenes for so long he’s become The Man Who Can’t Pull the Trigger — a guy whose whole deal (apart from the TV projects and the underwater IMAX docs) is to prepare, research and develop movies to death, but never quite get around to making or releasing them. Thompson says that when and if Cameron makes either Project 880 or Battle Angel, both films would be shot in 3-D with custom-designed high-definition cameras. Well, whoop-dee-doo.