This morning Film Jerk‘s Edward A. Havens alerted me to his tenth annual Oscar Handicap assessments, category by category. I went right to the Best Picture section and was stunned by this opening statement: “There are basically two camps for Best Picture this year: those who think Lincoln has the best chance to win Best Picture, and those who think Argo has the momentum.”

Wells to Havens: Thanks, Edward, but you’re kidding with this, right? Did General Santa Ana have the “momentum” as his troops surrounded the Alamo? I don’t know of a single soul (or at least one who’s not on meds) who believes in Lincoln at this stage, and you’re telling me there’s an actual encampment of “Lincoln has the best chance to win” believers? You sound like Karl Rove talking about the Ohio vote tallies on Fox News. Even the die-hard, true-believing Sasha Stone doesn’t think Lincoln has any kind of shot at winning Best Picture, much less the “best chance.” It’s over, man.

Zero Dark Thirty, Zero Dark Thirty, Zero Dark Thirty and I don’t care…going down with the ship. David O. Russell despite the odds, David O. Russell despite the odds, David O. Russell despite the odds. Daniel Day Lewisduhhh. JLaw, JLaw, JLaw. Robert DeNiro, Robert DeNiro, Robert DeNiro. Anne Hathaway, Anne Hathaway, Anne Hathaway.