12.4, 7:30 pm: I’m out of surgery and all stitched up. I’ve been awake for roughly 90 minutes. Physically thrown for a loop or what? I seriously underestimated (under-anticipated?) how traumatized I would feel. Groggy, woozy. Surgery began at 2 pm. Three and a half to four hours under the knife. As I was coming out of the cave I was wondering if I might be dreaming. My gradual realization that this fog state was real-world was very slow in arriving. My brain was operating in slow-mo; my ability to form words and speak with any clarity was limited, to say the least.

11 pm: I’m back to my usual lucid self. Well, 85% to 90%. The MacBook Pro is plugged in, etc. I didn’t begin to snap out of it until 9:30 or 10 pm or thereabouts.