I posted a link to this now-famous “Women in Film” montage earlier this month (around August 4th or 5th), and then the link went bad and then everyone ran the You Tube link which made me feel left out so here it is again….no harm in reacquainting.

The forward-step element is finally knowing that the auteur is some St.Louis guy named Phillip Scott Johnson (a.k.a. “eggman”), who describes himself on his My Space page as a “corporate nobody by day…artistic dreamer by night.” I tried calling him but there are eight “Phillip Johnson” listings in St. Louis. Vanity Fair or someone should track this guy down and do a profile of him.

I’d like to at least speak with the guy and see if he’s gotten any job offers (with some high-powered production company or ad agency, perhaps?) that might save him from “corporate nobody” status, or at least get him girls.