Josh Brolin shared an observation earlier today about Lewellyn Moss, his No Country for Old Men character, that had never come to mind. The first and only time Lewellyn really smiles in the whole film is at the very end, when he’s talking to that woman sitting next to the pool, the one who wants to share some beers.

I mentioned that I loved the first intimate scene between Lewellyn and his girlfriend Carla Jean (Kelly Macdonald) because of how they sit close and don’t look at each other…casual, unforced…you know in less than 10 seconds these two have a great relationship. Brolin says “it was a conscientious decision not to look at each other….these people are going to be together for the rest of their lives, and you call tell that absolutely. I like that, man. Makes me happy. I’ve been going through all those shitty interviews…”

We talked about some other stuff besides, including a short film he’s made called X that he’s hoping will be shown at the Sundance or Santa Barbara Film Festivals. Here’s the mp3.