I gather that 21 Jump Street is the prototype for Ivan Reitman‘s suddenly-greenlighted, actually-destined-to-be-made Ghostbusters 3…”a modern update with winks to the past,” a guy says. Possibly Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, the usual suspects. Paul Rudd subbing for Murray, SNL’s Jay Pharoah…who knows?

Remember when Bill Murray kibboshed an earlier proposed version that would have costarred Dan Aykroyd , explaining that “no one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts“? Except people would, I think, pay to see Murray do it again. He should at least agree to do a cameo.

The only problem with Ghostbusters 3 is that it appears to be one of those projects that’s solely about making money. You can’t make a good movie that way. It has to be “this is really good material,” “it’ll be a good film, and maybe a really good one” and “let’s do it and hope for the best.” It can’t be “this’ll make a shitload of money even if it’s shit,” “let’s make sure everybody gets his quote” and “who’s in line for first-dollar merchandising revenues”?

Do you want to really go for it and make the best Ghostbusters 3 possible? Get rid of Reitman. Which of course can’t and won’t happen. I only know that he peaked in the early to mid 80s, and that his last half-decent film was Dave (’93).