“After two features dramatizing the peripheral aspects of Manchester’s greatest rock band, Grant Gee and Jon Savage’s stylish doc Joy Division gets to the heart of the matter,” writes Variety‘s Robert Koehler.

“Pic takes full measure of the extraordinary unit’s music and its unlikely rise to instant-legend status, and has an eye for detail many similar docs simply lack. Theatrical interest in the wake of Anton Corbijn‘s Control will pull in buyers after a strong fest run, and a double DVD of Corbijn’s film and this one seems like a no-brainer.”

Allow me to two-cents this notion myself. Harvey Weinstein should acquire the doc so he can include both Control and Joy Division in a double-disc DVD. I happen to have a DVD screener of Joy Division sitting on my desk as we speak. I haven’t watched it because I haven’t had time to brush my teeth, but I will this weekend.