I always go to Cannes with a backup laptop in lieu of something going horribly wrong with the primary, God forbid. But my Azus backup has been nothing but misery since I bought it last fall, and after the latest bullshit snafu (i.e, the touch-pad stopped working after Mouse sat on it for an afternoon) I said “screw it, I’m sick of this” and shelled out for a 13″ MacBook Pro. Oh my God in heaven, what an immaculate rock-solid device! It’s perfect — I like it more than the iMac desktop. File this under “money extremely well spent.”

During my last walkover across the Williamsburg Bridge, which was…I forget, two days ago?

I got this off some photo album on one of those “Redneck Wedding” sites. For whatever reason I kept it on my desktop so that must mean something. If the shot is real (and I mostly doubt that it is), there’s something mildly erotic about it. If it’s fake then screw it. Sorry I brought it up.