“For the record, the crew of Miami Vice worked during a hurricane warning. And that’s no bullshit.” — Kim Masters in her second Slate piece about Vice and Michael Mann. Okay, okay…maybe Kim’s got it right here. But “safety”, of course, is an overvalued thing. And relative lack of safety has its upsides. It keys you up, makes you pay closer attention, accelerates your pulse and cleans the blood. And if you’re working in rough weather…well, wear a raincoat and galoshes and something to protect your head with. Life is short, amigo, and very few people on this planet have known true commitment, true work-joy….the joy of performing well under great stress as the waters turn choppy and palm fronds are being tossed about by stiff winds. What is “safety” compared to that? If you need to debate this, you don’t get it. You’ll never get it.