Are high-school kids really this cruel? You bet. Is there anything unhealthy about being obese? Maybe, but don’t discuss it. Is there anything wrong with launching a Netflix series about weight issues and fat-shaming? Yup, there is.

From 8.9 N.Y. Times story, “Is Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’ as Offensive as It Looks?,” by Aisha Harris and Eleanor Stanford:

“When the trailer for the new Netflix series Insatiable arrived in July, it was met with fierce criticism on social media and elsewhere; a petition calling for it to be pulled from release has over 200,000 signatures as of this writing. The objection was over the show’s basic premise: A bullied teenager named Patty (Debby Ryan) seeks revenge when she loses weight after an incident forces her to have her mouth wired shut.

“The cast and producers of Insatiable, including the actress Alyssa Milano, have offered rebuttals to the accusations of body-shaming. Ms. Ryan shared her own struggles with body image on Twitter, writing, ‘I was drawn to this show’s willingness to go to real places about how difficult and scary it can be to move through the world in a body.’” And Cindy Holland, Netflix’s vp for original series, has defended the show as a satire meant to critique the act of fat-shaming.”