What’s the meaning of the Boston Society of Film Critics giving their Best Supporting Actress trophy to Conviction‘s Juliette Lewis? Seriously — what’s this about? Lewis’s performance is quite good but surely the BSFC members understood they needed to award one of the pre-approved, award-blogger favorites — The Fighter‘s Amy Adams or Melissa Leo, Animal Kingdom‘s Jacki Weaver, Black Swan‘s Barbara Hershey, etc. Instead they went all wildcat.

Otherwise they honored David Fincher‘s The Social Network as 2010’s Best Picture. Fincher won for Best Director, TSN‘s Jesse Eisenberg for Best Actor, and TSN author Aaron Sorkin for Best Screenplay. The Beantown guys also honored TSN composers Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for Best Use of Music. The Fighter‘s Christian Bale won for Best Supporting Actor.

What does it mean, if anything, that King’s Speech star Colin Firth didn’t win for Best Actor?