“Furthering the influence of the internet on filmmaking in the 21st century, Juno has hyper-thought cleverness and the distinct personality of voice that comes from the personal blogging set. It’s the first LiveJournal or Blogger film.

“Under the razor-thin direction of Jason Reitman, Juno — unlike Hot Rod or Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters — is a pure movie. It dispenses any obtuseness and has the instincts of an audience-pleaser.

“Where an average movie about pregnancy turns its water-breaking scene into a dramatic, third-act starter (which even Knocked Up did), this film’s screenplay (scribed by hilarious blogger and memoirist Diablo Cody) has its eponymous character signal everyone in the house with a pop-culture reference: ‘Thunderbirds are go!'” — from a review by HollywoodChicago‘s Austin-based Shane Hazen.