The Golden Globe Best Director award goes to Julian Schnabel for The Diving Bell and the Butterfly…what? Everyone had called this for No Country‘s Joel and Ethan Coen. What happened? Does this mean something? Did anyone at all predict this?
Sweeney Todd‘s Johnny Depp has won the Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical award…deserved, not muchy of a surprise, good call.
The Golden Globe award for Best Motion Picture Comedy/Musical goes not to Juno but Sweeney Todd! With Ellen Page having lost the Best Comedy/Musical actress award to Marion Cotillard, this amounts to a double Juno shut-down. I don’t get it — didn’t the Golden Globes voters consider Juno‘s box-office receipts? Perhaps some of them came to the conclusion that Todd is…you know, all things considered, a richer, fuller, better film?