Born-on-the-Bayou guy: “My Jurassic World screening was crowded, but audience didn’t clap or cheer much. A few laughs here and there for Chris Pratt, who is decent. The ending got mild applause, but I was bored throughout most of it. Just another hide-and-seek with monsters and humans…except it cost $150 million dollars. Been there, seen that, got the shirt, gave it away. And Indominus Rex wasn’t all that impressive.

Bryce Dallas Howard reminded me too much of Kate Capshaw, all that talking on the phones with BD Wong and Vincent D’Onofrio and the ‘secret meeting’ with Wong and Irfan Kahn leading you to think this was some weird 70’s paranoid thriller…went nowhere.

“Seems like they took some of the best or better parts of the other films and made a Jurassic Gumbo with mixed results.

“Best part of the experience? Sitting next to a romantic nerd couple during the trailers. Minions got laughs and applause, new trailer for The Walk got the most oohs and aahs, while stuff like Self/Less and Southpaw got the following one-word-verdict from the female: ‘Redbox.'”