Serious jihadists surely understand that an optimum time to strike the U.S. with a major terrorist act will be after Donald Trump takes the oath of office. Optimum because there’s a high likelihood that Trump will strike back all the harder, that he and his hardline advisers will go ballistic, and in so doing they will greatly intensify the U.S.-vs.-Islam divide that terrorists have been hoping for all along. For them, Trump will be the gift that keeps on giving. You know this is what the ISIS guys are telling each other now. A blustery, trigger-happy loose cannon in the Oval Office? Allahu Akbar!

“I’m afraid the adversaries overseas see us as a sitting duck of provocation…with a person who will lash back,” Ralph Nader told The National‘s Wendy Mesley. This is indicated by the president-elect is hiring “warfare people,” Nader explained.

Great Nader quote about Trump not really wanting to be president when he launched his campaign:

“Along comes a failed gambling czar who’s a corporate welfare king and cheats his suppliers and workers, and lo and behold, he was surprised like all of us — he’s suddenly on his way to the presidency, even though he lost the popular vote. When he came out of the White House, after the meeting with President Obama, I looked at him and said ‘here’s one of the most scared men in the country.'”