Holmes: No, no. I’m not criticizing. Obviously you work out. You look good, man. Really.

Watson: Thank you.

Holmes: How’s that chick I saw you with the other night?

Watson: Which one?

Holmes: Dark eyes. Italian-looking. Nice ass.

Watson: Ramona.

Holmes: Right, Ramona. You good with her?

From a 5.6 USA Today spread; I couldn’t figure how to copy them so I borrowed pic from Sasha Stone’s Awards Daily.

Watson: Possibly. I think so. One day at a time and all that. But sure, she’s lovely. (Two beats.) Why?

Holmes: No reason.

Watson: No, really. Why?

Holmes: She’s a sweet girl. Smart. Good for you.

Watson: Christ. You’re thinking about taking a poke.

Holmes: Me?

Watson: You fucking hound. It’s so fucking obvious.

Holmes: I don’t do that, dude. You’re my friend. And that’s where it stays.

Watson: Wow!

Holmes: Where are you getting this?