As CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite read the official confirmation that President Kennedy had died from gunshot wounds in Dallas, two guys in white shirts and ties stood behind him. Watch the guy on the left as Cronkite concludes the announcement with the words “two o’clock Eastern standard time…some thirty eight minutes ago.” At this point Cronkite looks down and tries to maintain his newsroom composure (he’s clearly choking up) as he puts his glasses back on — a silence of four to five seconds. At the four-second mark the guy behind Cronkite on the left (the late Don Hewitt?) glances at Cronkite, apparently wondering if Cronkite is melting down. A half-second later Cronkite speaks again (“Vice President Johnson…”) and the guy quickly turns his head back to the desk. will be live-streaming the assassination and JFK funeral coverage (four days worth) as it aired. The coverage will begin Friday afternoon at 1:38 pm Eastern.