This “making of La La Land” video posted yesterday. A real pleasure. Moves right along, makes you want to see the film. Until producer Jordan Horowitz comes along at 2:02 and says the following: “We really wanted to cast someone out of the music world. For that Keith role. And John [Legend] came along…” Except Horowitz speaks in that infuriating 21st Century patois known as “uptalk” in which every sentence comes with a questioning tone (i.e, “is it okay if I say this?”), and so he actually says “we really wanted to cast someone out of the music world?? For that Keith role??” I’m unable to listen to the substance of any person’s thoughts when this vocal tick interferes. It goes without saying that real men don’t use uptalk. Never, ever.

Posted on 9.10.14: “I need to learn how to speak with a little uptalk mixed in with some vocal slur fry. That basically means I need to take it easy with the clear enunciation and speaking from the diaphragm at a moderate pace, and instead try speaking solely from the throat with an emphasis on fast and slurry and…well, basically sounding like I just woke up. Instead of saying “does this room have a mini-bar?”, I need to say ‘roomhavaminibar?’ It’s not hard. I can get into it. I know of a West Hollywood vocal coach who might be able to help. He charges $75 an hour.”