Just to reiterate: It’s pretty clear to me that an undetermined but not-miniscule percentage of Academy voters went for Crash the Tony Curtis way — because it wasn’t Brokeback Mountain, because they flat-out didn’t see Brokeback, or just didn’t feel good about supporting a film that meesed with the iconic image of macho cowboys. Curtis said he wouldn’t see it, an Academy-member uncle of a friend said the same thing, and I’ve heard or read about this same mindset among older Academy members from others aroudn town. There were many Crash supporters who undboutedly voted for it because they admired it the most…fine. (Let’s presume that the majority of its supporters felt this way without homophobia clouding the issue.) But it’s widely believed that others voted for it because it wasn’t Brokeback Mountain. I don’t know what percentage, but with Ang Lee winning for Best Director I presume the overall margin was close.