Friendo: What do you think of Justine Bateman‘s appearance?
HE: I think she looked a lot better when she was younger. But if she’s cool with looking a bit worn and gothy, that’s fine. No worries on this end.
Friendo: I’m pretty sure she still dyes her hair. Plus she’s wearing makeup. What’s the difference between that and trying to look younger?
HE: She seems to basically be saying that she’s out of the hottie game.
Friendo: Why not just go all gray?
HE: Fair point.
Friendo: …and just embrace that? She’s still trying to look young. It’s just she’s using age as makeup/identity
HE: It’s cool to go solid white gray, but mixed dark and gray…I don’t know, it doesn’t work.
Friendo: Her pitch is that she’s just being honest, but why would she also dye the hair?
HE: Because she’s being “honest” as far as it goes.
Friendo: I think she looks weird because her hair is still long, her ears looks elfin and the eyeliner is severe
HE: The dark eyeliner makes her look gothy. And those deep ridge lines around her mouth.
Friendo: Her eyes are too old to wear that eyeliner. It just makes her look older
HE: Agreed.
Friendo: Cut the hair to the chin, ease up on the eyeliner and she’d look better. I think