Director-screenwriter Larry Karaszewski‘s has delivered several “Trailers From Hell” riffs over the last year or so, and they’re always highly perceptive and engaging. Today he posted an especially good one on Alan Pakula‘s Rollover (’81). The film bombed when it opened on 12.11.81, but it sure seems prescient now.

Larry is too classy to mention this, but it happened 30 years ago so why not? I was treadmilling along as a journalist in Manhattan when Rollover was being shot there, and I remember talking to a very sharp, well-connected female journalist who had written a profile of costar Kris Kristofferson, and she said that he and Fonda had an affair during production.

It was strictly one of those “only during principal photography” deals that never crossed over into their off-set lives, she said, and so nobody (including Fonda’s then-husband Tom Hayden) was the wiser. Or gave a shit…whatever. If the story is true, Karaszewski’s observation that Fonda and Kristofferson have “no chemistry” as romantic parners in the film is ironic. Maybe they were trying to hide the real-life current and overdid it?

Here’s the entire movie, by the way.

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