A 8.18 Hollywood Reporter story by Elizabeth Guider and Paul J. Gough says that the Hollywood actors expected to attend at least some of the Democratic National Convention events in Denver (Monday, 8.25 through Thursday, 8.28) includes Ben Affleck, Josh Brolin, Annette Bening, Spike Lee, Anne Hathaway, Susan Sarandon, Richard Schiff and Kerry Washington.
That’s it? Feels thin. There must be many, many more going than this. Especially if you throw in directors, producers and screenwriters.
Maybe some celebs are keeping their Denver plans deliberately under wraps? If I were running the Obama Denver effort I would want to keep news about Hollyweirdos attending the convention and going to private parties down to a bare minimum. The rurals who believe that wearing flag pins on your lapel is a significant issue will surely resent hearing about celebs drinking Pinot Grigio at elite Mile High gatherings. But then they’re good at that. Resentment, I mean.