Diverse characters created for the sole reason of being diverse and box-checking woke points for their own sake.

Since premiering last Friday, South Park: Joining the Panderverse (Paramount +, 10.27) has become known as the first mainstream TV show to acknowledge and satirize woke-diverse-box check insanity.

Critical Drinker: “South Park’s Joining The Panderverse episode is a win for the silent majority of normal people caught up in the middle.,..people who are tired of this endless culture-war bullshit, and who just want some decent entertainment…South Park is the first mainstream production to openly acknowledge that yes, here is an actual problemn with how we’re making entertainment these days…yes, Hollywood is relying far too much [in the way of] lazy and tokenized diversity without any artistic integrity to back it up…yes, this is creating an increasingly antagonized relationship [between Disney] and their own customers…and yes, whatever their intentions might have been at first, Disney executives like Kathy Kennedy and Bob Iger have played a big part in this.”