MTV movie critic Amy Nicholson (who fell ill last night to a combination of bad shellfish and a series of Mojitos) during Key West Film Festival chat with Rolling Stone‘s David Fear.

Beach at Key West’s Zachary Taylor State Park.

Celebrated costumer designer Mary Zophres (La La Land, almost all of the Coen brothers films) was honored at last night’s Key West Film Festival award ceremony.

Corner of Margaret and Southard Street, Key West.

Indiewire‘s Eric Kohn riffing about just-created KWFF critics award during last night’s ceremony. Kohn and longtime g.f. Liz Bloomfield, an accountant for NYC’s Marianne Boesky gallery, got married in Key West two days ago. Congrats & best wishes!
Newlyweds Liz Bloomfield, Eric Kohn during KWFF beach party that preceded the Saturday night award ceremonies.

Friendly bartender at Michael’s, a low-lighted Key West eatery that I finally visited two nights ago. If Jonathan Dana were here, he would say that the blonde bartender is “really nice!”

(l,. to r.) Deadline‘s Brian Brooks, Rolling Stone‘s David Fear, Key West Film festival founder & chairman Brooke Christian, MTV’s Amy Nicholson.
KWFF award recipient Mary Zophres.

The only thing that got in the way of enjoying Michael’s the other night was a table of eight or nine 50somethings who wouldn’t stop laughing, shouting, barking, giggling and going “hoooooo!”