I have to fly back to Los Angeles this evening. I’ll return to New York after Telluride (9.2) and stay until flying to Toronto on 9.5, and then I might return here again. (Or not.) But that’s not the issue. The issue is whether or not to re-launch an L.A. screening series that I ran in the late ’90s, which I called Hot-Shot Movies. It would be no different than all the other screening series around town. $175 or $180 bills for nine sessions consisting of a new un-opened film plus the director or one of the stars doing a short q & a (i.e., no longer than 30 minutes).

I have a relatively high profile these days and a bit of a following. Plus I have good talent relations (especially with directors), and I’m guessing I’ll have a pretty good shot at getting guys like Alfonso Cuaron and George Clooney and other big dogs to drop by. Hopefully. Maybe.

The questions are (a) is there too much competition in Los Angeles to wedge myself in, especially during award season, and (b) can I find the right venue at the right price? I have to mull this over, but I’d like to do it because I can and “why not?” and I could use the scratch. Just kicking this around. I need to make a little more this year due to high-maintenance girlfriend expenses. I might as well be honest.