King Kong had a good weekend ($50.1 million) and has pulled down an estimated $66.2 million since it opened on 12.14. It’s had a successful start and will continue to be successful, etc. Why, then, do audience pulse rates so far seem so profoundly tepid? Why are readers saying over and over again, “I expected huge lines but we got right in wihout a wait,” etc.? It’s Christmas and King Kong is showing and people are going…fine. But if you’re in high school and it’s lunch time and you go to the cafeteria and there are three meals on the menu — meat loaf, coq au vin and hot dogs — and everyone orders the meat loaf, does that mean students are doing cartwheels in their hearts about how the meat loaf tastes? We’re talking King Meat Loaf here. Dull appetizers and overcooked vegetables, but the main order covered in hot gravy and fun to eat, mmmm-good!…but all you can do is shrug when your friends ask how it was.